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عنب اخضر - أسباني - بالكيلو

عنب اخضر - أسباني - بالكيلو

Package Type : Loose
Country : أسبانيا

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Grape contains high amounts of simple sugars, specifically glucose and fructose, and contains many active substances including flavonoid compounds, tannin compounds that include proanthosanide compounds containing catechins, non-flavonoid compounds, vinyl acryl acid products, and some fruit acids such as acid Tartaric, malic, succinic, citric and oxalic. Flavonoids, phenol compounds and essential antioxidants in red grapes, were found to contain 100 g of grapes containing 63-182 micrograms of phenols, Ba in the peels and seeds, and are considered Albrooanthusianaedin compounds found in grape seed of the most powerful antioxidants in nature