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Cut cauliflower 500g

Cut cauliflower 500g

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* Cauliflower is a detoxifier: Cauliflower contains sulfur-rich glucosinolates, which protect the body from toxins and carcinogens, as they break down in chewing and activate enzymes to detoxify the liver and cleanse the body.
Protects Cardiovascular Diseases: Cauliflower contains the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory allicin, which works to protect against cardiovascular diseases and reduce the chances of stroke.Useful for digestion: Broccoli contains a large amount of dietary fiber that helps digestion, as a cup of boiled cauliflower contains 3.35 of fibers that help clean the intestines.
Rich in sulfur: It is an effective compound in thwarting the growth of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach, which causes stomach ulcers and cancer.
* Important for pregnant women: it is rich in folic acid, and vitamin B, which prevent neural tube defects in fetuses.